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Product description

What makes MiraFlex-R3 stand out from other analgesics? MiraFlex starts with a "skin friendly" delivery system that assures the analgesic and anti-inflammatories treat the affected area faster and more efficiently. Patients may want relief from their pain, but rarely understand the destructive role inflammation plays in their conditions. MiraFlex was formulated to quickly reduce both pain and inflammation with its constituents via the specialized delivery system. By attracting fat soluble and water soluble compounds, the MiraFlex delivery system passes through the skin quickly and easily. Because of quick penetration, inflammation is attacked on a chemical level. Less inflammation means less pain and greater range of motion faster. Ingredients include three all-natural, proven anti-inflammatories – emu oil, MSM and broccoli seed extract – and two of the two most powerful analgesics allowed without a prescription – menthol and methyl salicylate. Retail in your practice so patients can take home an extension of the work you do for them.
MiraFlex-R3 Features
  • Fast-acting, potent analgesic.
  • Treats injuries, arthritis and muscle and joint pain.
  • Contains emu oil, MSM and broccoli seed extract to reduce inflammation.
  • Contains menthol and methyl salicylate to stop pain.

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