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Mirage Activa LT Frame

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Product description

Mirage Activa LT Frame

This is the frame for the Mirage Activa LT from ResMed. The frame is one of the three primary components of the mask, and it is made of a clear and comfortable plastic material. Ideal as a replacement for a damaged or lost frame, this device will attach seamlessly with your old Activa LT cushion and headgear.

Mirage Activa LT

The Mirage Activa LT is one of the most flexible nasal CPAP masks on the market. The LT ergonomically forms to your face and, with four different sizes, allows users with different facial shapes and sizes to obtain a customized fit. The mask's comfortable cushion seals to your face without requiring an overly tight fit, and it will remain stable even if you toss and turn at night. Newly designed air diffusion ports keep noise to a minimum and direct air away from you and your bed partner.

ActiveCell Technology

ResMed used a feature called ActiveCell technology to build a functional seal in the Mirage Activa LT. The membrane surrounding the mask's cushion expands and contracts as you sleep, responding to your machine's pressure and your dynamic sleeping position. The membrane rests comfortably on your skin, and the design's grooved shape evenly distributes pressure around your face.

Key Features

  • Replacement Mask Frame
  • Component Mask Piece
  • ActiveCell Technology

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