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If you've recently injured your lower half, you may be wondering, "where can I find crutches near me at a reasonable price?". At Broadway Home Medical, we offer a variety of standard crutches for sale suitable for all ages as well as crutch substitutes like a knee crutch or the new iWalk3.



Standard Crutches


Standard crutches can be incredibly useful after a leg or foot injury. Most crutches can be adjusted to fit several different sizes of people and disasembled when traveling for your convenience. Forearm crutches help relieve the pressure that's put on your hands or wrists when using crutches for a long period of time. They can also provide increased stability for those who have trouble keeping their balance. Depending on the injury, a medical professional may recommend a specific type of crutch. Talk to your doctor to learn about which type of crutches are best for you.


Man Using Crutches




Woman Using Crutches

Crutch Substitutes


Crutch substitutes may better suit someone who has arthritis in their hands or shoulders. Instead of supporting yourself with the crutch handles and shoulder pads, a knee walker supports the injured limb with a padded platform that can be adjusted. The knee walker has four wheels to provide better stability and a braking system to ensure maximum control over where you're going. A wire basket can also be attached to the front to hold miscellaneous items like electronics or your keys.





The iWalk3


Everyone knows that crutches hurt. They hurt your hands, your wrists, your underarms. They're exhausting to use. That's because your hands and arms were not designed for walking. That's what your legs are for. So why would you use an arm crutch when you could use a leg crutch instead? The iWalk3 is a new hands free crutch that straps to your thigh, knee, and ankle. It's completely hands free and doesn't require the use of any other limb. Once you're strapped in, you'll be walking in minutes!





Injuries to your lower half are no laughing matter. If you've ever had to wear a cast, you may have realized that it's pretty easy to take the ability to use your limbs for granted. The inconvenience of not being able to use one of your legs can seriously impair your locomotion. Fortunately, we have devices like crutches to pick up the slack when injuries like this happen. If you're looking for crutches because of a recent injury or a replacement for your current crutches, you'll find it at Broadway Home Medical located in Wichita, Kansas.