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Vehicle Lifts

Needing to stay mobile anywhere you go? Vehicle Lifts will help you bring your mobility device anywhere you need to go! Wheelchairs, Scooters and Powerchairs can be loaded into your preferred vehicle with these handy devices. Coming in both internal and external options, vehicle lifts can bring your favorite set of wheels to the party and beyond.




Exterior Lifts


These lifts attach and hold your mobility device along the outside of your vehicle, acting as a scooter or wheelchair carrier for your car, truck, or van. Many lifts allow a device to be lifted using a remotely powered mechanism, which makes loading up your device a breeze. Some lifts, like the Bruno Chariot, can do all of that and have special stabilizers that take the load off of you vehicle. Overall, Exterior are great for transporting your device while not taking up limited space in your vehicle.






Interior Lifts


Internal or interior lifts do take up more space in your vehicle, but they offer far more protection from the elements than an exterior lift for your scooter or other device. These lifts usually utilize a more crane or wench style lift to easily load your device. Sometimes called joey or curb lifts, this style is great for larger vehicles.



Wether Exterior or Interior, vehicle lifts are a great tool to help you stay mobile anywhere you go. At Broadway Home Medicaal, we offer a variety of Bruno Vehicle Lift options. For customers near Wichita, Kansas we also offer installion support and even service plans! Take a look at what we can do for you today!