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Neck Massager


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Product description


    Effectively relieves sore, tense muscles with deep-kneading massage nodes for use on the neck, upper and lower back arms and legs


    Bidirectional for effective, shiatsu-style massage, the neck massage pillow features four massage nodes that move in a circular-kneading pattern


    A soothing infrared heat setting gently warms sore, tired muscles for increased circulation and greater relaxation


    A single push button allows you to easily turn on the massage pillow and press a second time to activate the soothing heat function


    Includes a removable padded cover that is ideal for use with sensitive, sore muscles


    Includes an extra-long wall adapter for convenient use at home or on the go


Does the massage pillow need to be plugged in?

Yes, the Vive massage pillow requires an electric source provided by the included wall power adapter.

How long is the included power adapter?

The power adapter is approximately 8’ in length.

Can I use the neck massage pillow on other sore muscles?

Yes! The massage pillow can be used to soothe sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs and calves.

What are the dimensions of the massage pillow?

The Vive massage pillow measures 13” by 8.3” by 3.5”.

Does the Vive massage pillow automatically shut off?

Yes! The Vive massage pillow features an auto shut-off function after each 15-minute session.

Is the neck massage pillow a kneading or vibrating massager?

The Vive neck massage pillow is a deep kneading massager.

Can I use the massage pillow for just heat?

The Vive massage pillow does not have a heat only setting.

Is the portable massage pillow quiet?

Yes! The portable massage pillow produces a quiet hum while in use.

Can I use the massage pillow while lying down?

The massage pillow can be used while standing, seated or reclining, however, it is not suitable for use while sleeping.

How much does the neck massage pillow weigh?

The Vive massage pillow weighs two pounds.

How hot does the massager pillow get?

The Vive massage pillow’s infrared heat provides gentle warmth at 110 degrees

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