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Product description


Cradles and supports your head to relieve neck pain and pressure, bulging discs, pinched nerves, TMJ and sore muscles


Resilient, high-density foam retains its shape for exceptional support every time


Compact design can be used while lying down and when seated in a chair or car for pain-relieving support at home or on the go


Gently supports the head and natural cervical alignment to relieve painful tension and promote deep relaxation


Made with soft, breathable blend for exceptional comfort


Zippered cover is machine washable for added convenience


Do I have to use this on a hard surface?

Yes, for optimal positioning and relief the base should rest on a hard surface.

Will this realign my neck?

The neck and shoulder relaxer promote proper cervical spine alignment by supporting the natural curvature of the spine.

Can I use it on a massage table?

Yes, the neck relaxer could be used on a massage table with minimal padding.

How should I clean it?

First, remove the zippered cover. The cover is machine washable in cold water with like colors. Air dry the cover completely before use. The composite base and foam cushion should be spot cleaned only with a damp cloth and mild detergent as needed.

How do I put the cover back on?

To recover the neck relaxer, first insert the bottom of the base into the cover. Gently stretch the cover over the foam cushion and around the back of the base. Adjust as needed and zip closed.

Will this relieve my headaches?

Headaches are caused by many things. The neck and shoulder relaxer will provide relief from headaches due to slouched posture, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and other causes.

Can I use it while I sleep?

It is not recommended for sleeping through the night.

Will this work for someone with a larger head?

Yes! The open design allows for comfortable use for any size head.


- For supporting the neck to relieve pain and pressure


- Removable cover: cotton/spandex blend
- High-density foam
- Base: PP plastic


Care Instructions:
- Zippered cover is machine washable in cold water with like colors.
- Air dry completely before use. Do not machine dry.
- Base and foam can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
- Do not machine wash foam or base.


What’s Included:
- Neck and shoulder relaxer with zippered cover
- 60 day guarantee

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