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Non-Slip Bath Strips


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Product description


    Make slippery surfaces like tubs and showers safer for kids, seniors and more


    Add extra traction with a comfortable barefoot version of stair treads for your bathroom


    Each strip adheres to any nonporous material such as fiberglass, tile or porcelain


    The strips are completely clear and will not ruin your bathroom decor


    Generously sized strips are 7.5” x .75” to provide exceptional coverage for standard bathtubs and showers


    Includes 24 easy to install strips with peel off adhesive backing


Do I need to remove the strips after every shower or bath?

No, the strips are a permanent addition to your shower or bath.

Will the strips work on a slightly textured tub?

Yes, the strong adhesive will stick to textured surfaces.

Are the strips comfortable for bare feet?

Yes! The textured surface is comfortable enough to stand on for greater traction and stability in the tub.

Are the strips comfortable enough to sit on in the tub?

Yes! The textured surface is comfortable enough to sit on for greater stability in the tub.

How do I install the strips?

Thoroughly clean the base of the bathtub or shower, rinsing well and drying completely. Pull the paper backing off the strips to be used. Apply the strips to the tub or shower in regular intervals. Press firmly to activate the adhesive on each strip.

What are the dimensions of the strips?

Each strip is 7.5” x .75”.

Are the bath strips latex-free?

Yes, the bath strips are latex-free

What are the bath strips made of?

The bath strips are made from PVC.

Can the strips be used in a fiberglass tub?

Yes, the strips are suitable for any nonporous ceramic, acrylic or fiberglass tub or shower.

Can the strips be used on stairs?

Yes, the strips are suitable for any indoor smooth surface such as wood or tile.

Can the strips be used on ceramic tile?

Yes, the strips are suitable for any indoor smooth surface, even wood or tile. Keep in mind the strips adhere best when avoiding grout or crack lines.

Will the strips come unstuck from my tub?

No, the strips are strong and durable enough to stay affixed to the tub or shower even with extended use.

How thick is each strip?

Each bath strip is .5mm thick.

Are the strips mold and mildew resistant?

No, the strips are not mold or mildew resistant.

How should I clean the bath strips?

The bath strips are designed to withstand light scrubbing and non abrasive cleaners during routine shower and tub cleaning. Removing the strips to clean will result in having to replace them.

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