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Product description

Reduce the risk of slips and falls both at home and in the hospital. Provides stability and traction on slippery surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl or tile. Soft terry cloth inner lining is lightweight and breathable for cool comfort. The structured cuffs ensure the socks will stay in place without slipping or rolling. Quality construction and easy care instructions guarantees extended usability. Designed to fit most adults, the non-slip bottom will cover the whole foot for greater traction.


What are the non-slip socks made of?

The socks are fabricated from 100% polyester.

Are the non-slip socks latex-free?

Yes, the socks are completely latex-free.

How long are the non-slip socks?

The socks are 13.5” long, unstretched.

How wide are the non-slip socks?

The socks are 3.75” wide, unstretched.

Can I was the non-slip socks?

Yes, the socks can be machine washed and tumble dried on low.

How many socks do I receive with my order?

You will receive six (6) pairs of socks with each order.

Do the non-slip socks stop at my ankles or go up to my calf?

The position of the top of the sock will depend on the length of your feet. The sock from toe to top, unstretched is 13.5”.

Will the non-slip socks fit a men’s 13 wide foot?

Most feet will fit the non-slip sock. If you would like to be sure, please measure the width of your foot. Though the material will stretch, the width of the sock unstretched is 3.75”.

Do the non-slip socks have a formed heel, or are they like tube socks?

The non-slip socks are tube socks without a defined heel for a flexible fit.

Can I wear the non-slip socks with shoes?

Yes, the non-slip socks can be worn with shoes. However, they may create a tighter fit that some may find uncomfortable.

Does the grip extend all the way to the heel on the non-slip socks?

Yes, the non-slip tread covers a majority of the back of the sock enabling the tread to cover the bottom of the foot, regardless of size

Can men or women wear the non-skid socks?

Yes, the socks are designed to fit most adults, both men or women.

Will the non-slip socks help me stay steady when I’m walking on slippery hospital floors?

Yes, the treads on the bottom of the socks will provide traction and stability on any smooth or hard floor surface including tile, wood and vinyl.

Are the non-slip socks soft?

Yes, the terry cloth lining is very soft and comfortable.

Will the non-slip socks make my feet sweat?

No, the material is very light and breathable and will keep your feet cool.

Will the non-slip socks slide down my calf?

No, the ribbed cuffs will keep the socks in place without slipping.

What colors do the non-slip socks come in?

The socks come in blue.

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