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Nuance Fabric Pillow Mask Kit


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Do you love the way nasal pillows leave your face feeling free, but find yourself constantly adjusting your mask or leaky seal during the night? For many CPAP patients, it can be a challenge finding a mask that delivers a reliable airstream, fits snugly, and gives you an optimal range of motion during the night. Finally, Philips Respironics has found a way to incorporate all these aspects in a single, streamlined package. Featuring the latest advancements in CPAP therapy, the Nuance  Gel Frame Nasal Pillows Mask will improve your CPAP treatment routine in no time.

The Nuance  Gel Frame Nasal Pillows Mask uses state-of-the-art gel technology that will make your CPAP therapy safe and effective, and make your CPAP mask feel lighter than air.


  • Versatile Frame Puts Your Comfort First
  • Soft and Durable Gel Cushions
  • Light-weight, flexible tubing for less pull on the mask
  • Sleek,simple design is easy to use and fit

Versatile Frame Puts Your Comfort First
Tired of fooling around with dozens of miniature parts as you try and set up your mask? With only four fool-proof pieces, the Nuance Pro makes assembling and cleaning your mask a piece of cake. The lightweight, unobstructive design of the mask takes the pressure of your nose and forehead. Philips Respironics knows that less heavy equipment means more relief for patients. If you miss watching an episode of television or doing a crossword puzzle before bed, you’ll love the wide field of vision and mobility your Nuance Pro provides.

The frame of the Nuance Pro is designed first and foremost with user comfort in mind. Does your current CPAP mask leave irritating red marks on your skin in the morning? Gel pads in the Nuance Pro cradle your cheeks to reduce chafing against your skin.

The small but sturdy silicone frame packs easily for travel, allowing you to use the Nuance Pro on family vacations and business trips; there’s no reason to miss out on a good night’s sleep!

 Soft and Durable Gel Cushions

Plush gel cushions adhere to your face in a strong seal that efficiently delivers air to your nasal passages. The adaptable gel conforms to the shape of your nose, and the Nuance Pro includes three sizes of cushions in every package to ensure you get the best fit possible for you. You can even order replacement cushions separately without re-ordering an entire new mask.

 Light-weight, flexible tubing for less pull on the mask

  Light-weight, flexible tubing for less pull on the mask

 Sleek,simple design is easy to use and fit

 Paitients rated Nuance easier to assemble, disassemble, and use than the leading pillows mask.

Philips Respironics Nuance Nasal Pillows Headgear (1105176)

This Nuance Nasal pillows headgear is for your Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow CPAP mask. The Velcro tabs provide for easy adjustment. For patients looking for headgear to wear during sleep, this model has many advantages. In addition, the fabric is soft and is designed to reduce skin irritation. For headgear that won't slip during sleep, Nuance Nasal pillows headgear is ideal.

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