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Product description

Featuring strong adjustable straps, the Vive Mobility oxygen tank holder is easy to attach to any wheelchair, transport chair, rollator or other mobility aid. Constructed with a sturdy material and composite lining, the lightweight cylinder bag is perfect for daily use. Sized to accommodate most oxygen tank sizes including D and E cylinders. A fastener allows the tank holder to be shortened, securely accommodating smaller tank sizes as needed. Safely store excess tubing and other loose items in the front zippered pocket or in the open compartment on the back of the bag.


How do I know what tank size I have?

To find your tank size, measure the diameter and height of your tank. Tanks measuring up to 5.7” in height and 2.5” diameter are M2 tanks. A or M4 tanks measure 8.7” in height and up to 3.21” diameter. ML6 tanks measure 7.8” in height and up to 4.38” diameter. M9 tanks measure 10.9” in height and 4.38” diameter. B tanks or M6 tanks measure 11.8” in height and 3.21” diameter. M7 tanks measure 9.18” in height and 4.38” diameter. C tanks measure 11” in height and 4.38” diameter.

What are the dimensions of the Vive Mobility oxygen holder bag?

The Vive Mobility oxygen tank holder bag measures 28.35” by 7.68”.

Does the oxygen cylinder bag have a pocket for a wallet, phone or keys?

Yes! The Vive oxygen tank holder features a zippered exterior pocket that safely holds small items such as a wallet, phone and keys.

Will the oxygen tank holder fit on my son’s bariatric wheelchair?

Yes! The Vive Mobility oxygen tank holder adjusts to fit most mobility aids, including bariatric wheelchairs.

Can I carry two cylinders in the oxygen tank holder?

The Vive Mobility oxygen tank holder bag is designed to carry a single cylinder.

How do I shorten the tank bag for smaller oxygen cylinders

The oxygen tank holder features a strong hook and loop fastener located on the back of the bag. Fold the bag upward, securing the bottom fastener to the matching strap, ensuring the holder bag straps remain loose.

How much does the oxygen cylinder bag weigh by itself?

The oxygen cylinder bag is lightweight, weighing approximately 11.04 ounces.

Is the cylinder holder waterproof?

The cylinder bag is water-resistant for safe use during inclement weather.

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