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Product description

Supporting the patellar tendon, the knee bands relieve pain and inflammation due to patellar tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter's disease, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis and runner's and jumper’s knee. Firm foam padding supplies uniform compression across the patellar tendon to stabilize and support the knee. Secured with a strong fastening material, the dual straps easily adjust to fit leg circumferences between 6” and 18” when measured directly below the knee. Lined with a non-slip padding, the knee straps are made with a breathable, neoprene blend that is latex-free. The slim design allows for a full range of motion for use during any activity and can be worn under regular fit clothing or over clothing if desired.


What are the materials in the patella knee bands?

The knee bands are made with a latex-free neoprene blend, a strong fastener material and firm foam padding for targeted compression.

How are the knee straps sized?

Measuring just below the knee, the knee straps adjust to accommodate leg circumferences from 6” to 18”.

Is this listing for one pair?

Yes! The patella knee bands arrive as a pair.

Can I kneel while wearing the knee bands?

Yes! Because the knee straps are positioned below the knee, you will be able to sit on your knees or kneel.

Are these knee band washable?

Yes, the knee bands can be spot cleaned. Air dry the straps completely before use.

Do I place the patella straps over my calf or directly under my knee cap?

The patella straps should be placed 2” below the knee cap for optimal support.

Can I wear them while jogging?

Yes! The patella knee straps allow for a full range of motion for use during any activity including running.

What are the dimensions of the patella straps?

The main section of the knee strap measures 2.52” wide and 7.8” in length. The adjustable strap measures 1.42” wide and 10.63” in length.

Will a knee strap help with knee pain while cycling?

Yes! The knee straps provide targeted compression to reduce knee pain while in motion.

Can I wear the band above the knee as well?

Yes, the knee bands can be worn above the knee. For targeted support of the iliotibial band, the IT band strap stabilizes the iliotibial band, minimizing vibration to reduce knee strain and pain.

How long can I wear the knee straps?

The knee straps are suitable for all-day wear, throughout any activity.

How to adjust the knee strap to fit well?

Center the compression strap approximately 2” below the kneecap. Thread the fastening strap through the rings on both sides of the compression strap. Gently pull the fastening strap on both ends to tighten the bands to achieve the level of compression desired and firmly press the end tabs inward to secure the fastening material.

Does the patella strap contain latex?

No, the neoprene blend is latex-free.

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