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Platinum Mobile 4 LPM Pulse POC Dual Battery


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Product description

The Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator gives patients a reliable solution to their portable oxygen therapy needs. Capable of running for up to 10 hours on its dual lithium-ion battery packs, the Invacare Platinum Mobile delivers pulse-dose oxygen with four flow rate settings. The Platinum Mobile also weighs less than 5 pounds, with its robust go-anywhere design supplemented by practical travel-friendly accessories. This oxygen concentrator is ready to be at your side delivering effective oxygen therapy wherever your active lifestyle takes you.

Invacare Platinum Mobile Features:

  • Lightweight (4.98 lbs) machine with compact dimensions makes for discreet, easily portable oxygen source
  • Produces effective performance for most oxygen patients, with pulse oxygen in four adjustable pulse settings (1-5)
  • DC charger connects to 12V plug for a mobile power source
  • Dual battery packs capable of powering a total of 10 hours of therapy (setting 1), with lithium-ion designs rechargeable via AC power supply or DC adapter
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use
  • Versatile carrying bag can be utilized as either a handbag, backpack or messenger bag
  • Easy-to-use 4-button control panel with a mobile app to further monitor therapy
  • Water-resistant design goes where you go

Lightweight and Compact Oxygen Concentrator

Weighing only 4.98 lbs, the Invacare Platinum Mobile is both lightweight and compact. But that the Platinum Mobile’s small stature doesn’t mean it’s underpowered, as it delivers pulse dose supplemental oxygen in sufficient volume to meet the needs of many COPD and other oxygen patients. Concentrating oxygen of 87–95.6% purity from the surrounding ambient air, the Invacare Platinum Mobile offers adjustable flow settings (1–5). The Platinum Mobile can stand up the elements too, with engineers designing it to be water resistant and perform under a variety of temperatures as well. Patients can get up and get moving with confidence knowing the Invacare Platinum Mobile will be there to back them up.

Dual Battery Performance

The Invacare Platinum Mobile sources dual battery packs capable of powering up to 10 hours of cordless oxygen therapy (setting 1). The lithium-ion batteries are fully integrated into the machine, sliding into easy-to-access compartments. The clever design makes it easy to perform hot swap battery exchanges, as patients can replace a depleted pack with a fully-charged backup Invacare Platinum Battery. The Invacare Platinum Mobile’s standard AC power supply and mobile DC charger (also a standard feature with purchase) can recharge each battery in approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Travel-Friendly, Easy-to-Use Design

Invacare designed the Platinum Mobile to accompany the patient rain or shine. It also features a slew of travel-friendly accessories to make getting around as easy as possible, including a neat carrying case that can morph into a handbag, backpack or messenger bag. The Invacare Platinum Mobile is also a user-friendly oxygen concentrator, with a simple 4-button user interface. Even so, the Invacare Platinum Mobile offers a high-tech solution for monitoring therapy with its patient-directed mobile app.

Invacare Platinum Mobile (Dual Battery) Includes:

  • Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator
  • Two Platinum Mobile Batteries
  • AC power supply
  • DC adapter
  • Carrying case

Find an oxygen therapy source that works with your active lifestyle in the Invacare Platinum Mobile oxygen concentrator. Buy the Invacare Platinum Mobile today from Oxygen Direct.

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