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Item  DayWeekMonth Weekend
Standard Wheelchair 300 lbs$10.00$35.00$85.00$30.00
Heavy Duty Wheelchiar Wheelchair 500 lbs$20.00$60.00$110.00$45.00
Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair 700 lbs$35.00$90.00$200.00$65.00
Front Wheeled Walker$5.00$15.00$30.00N/A
Heavy Duty Walker$6.00$20.00$40.00N/A
Knee Walker$5.00$20.00$65.00N/A
Heavy Duty CrutchesN/A$15.00$25.00N/A
Scooters and Power Chairs$25.00$100.00$325.00$65.00
Heavy Duty Scooters and Power Chairs$35.00$130.00$425.00$85.00
Sit to Stand Hydraulic Patient LiftN/AN/A$150.00N/A
Sit to Stand Electric Patient LiftN/AN/A$225.00N/A
Patient Lift - HydraulicN/AN/A$130.00N/A
Patient Lift - ElectricN/AN/A$175.00N/A
Semi-Electric Hospital BedN/AN/A$175.00N/A
Full-Electric Hospital BedN/AN/A$200.00N/A
Heavy Duty Hospital Bed 600 lbsN/AN/A$325.00N/A
Nebulizer CompressorN/AN/A$25.00N/A
C-PAP MachineN/A$75.00$150.00N/A
Bi-PAP STN/A$175.00$350.00N/A
Bi-PAP SVN/A$185.00$400.00N/A
Portable Oxygen Concentrator - up to 5L pulse doseN/A$125.00$375.00N/A
Portable Oxygen Concentrator 3L continuous flowN/A$215.00$650.00N/A
5L Home ConcentratorN/A$50.00$150.00N/A
10L Home ConcentratorN/A$85.00$240.00N/A
Invacare HomeFill Concentrator and 2 tanksN/A$125.00$300.00N/A