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Product description

Increase mobility and flexibility progressively, starting with light tension and working up. Use for general exercise, stretching, strength training or as an integral part of any fitness program. Customize your workout with five sturdy and snap-resistant 6’x4” wide bands. Great for both beginners and athletes alike, choose the level of resistance that is perfect for you.


What are the straight resistance bands made of?

The bands are constructed from tear resistant composite material.

Do the straight resistance band come with a booklet containing workout ideas?

Yes, the resistance band set includes an instructional booklet with exercise ideas.

How far can the bands safely stretch?

The bands can safely stretch to twice their original length.

How wide are the resistance bands?

Each band is 4” wide.

How long are the resistance bands?

Each band is 6 feet long.

How thick is each resistance band?

The thickness of each band varies based on the resistance level ranging from 0.25 mm for the extra light band to .65 mm for the extra heavy band.

How do I clean my resistance bands?

The bands can be wiped down with a dry cloth.

What is the resistance level of each band?

The orange band level is extra light. The green band is light. The medium band is blue. The purple band level is heavy resistance and the red band is extra heavy.

Are the resistance bands effective for rehabilitating a shoulder injury?

Yes, the bands can be used for rehabilitating injuries, including shoulder injuries.

Do the straight resistance bands contain latex?

Yes, there is latex in the resistance bands.

Do the straight resistance bands work well for arm strength and toning?

Yes, the bands provide effective resistance for both the upper and lower body.

Can I use the straight resistance bands while doing yoga?

Yes, the bands are perfect to add tension and resistance to an existing workout such as yoga, Crossfit or Pilates.

Will using the straight resistance bands help me increase my flexibility?

Yes, the bands are perfect to help you increase your flexibility and mobility.

Will the resistance bands stand up to daily use?

Yes, the straight bands are snap, tear and split resistant and will withstand extensive use.

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