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CPAP Cleaning

CPAP Cleaning Options


When it comes to cleaning your CPAP, you want the best devices on the market. Today's CPAP cleaning systems use UV light and natural activated oxygen (commonly refered to as ozone) to sanitize your equipment. The SoClean 2 and the Sleep8 use the ozone method and is capable of removing up to 99% of germs and bacteria. On the other hand, the Lumin and the PAPitizer LED Smart Sanitizer use ultra violet light to get rid of those pesky microorganisms. Both of these systems are 100% water free!


SoClean 2 in use


The SoClean 2


The SoClean 2 is easy to use and is very low maintenance. After setting up the SoClean 2, begin the sanitizing process by placing your CPAP mask inside the chamber, close the lid and let it do the rest. The SoClean 2 is compatible with most sleep apnea machines, including CPAP, BiPAP, and AutoPAP. It is recommended that you pre-wash your mask before using the SoClean and change your filter every six months. You can obtain a SoClean Filter Kit online or at a Broadway Home Medical store near you.



The Lumin


The Lumin cleaning machine emits ambient ultra violet light to sanitize and reduce germs such as bacteria, viruses, and mold to a degree of almost 100%. This UV CPAP cleaner is completely free of harmful chemicals and works with a touch of a button. The access tray is roomy enough to fit any varient of sleep apnea therapy device. Although The Lumin was designed to clean CPAP supplies, anything that can fit in the cleaning chamber can be sanitized, even electronics like your smart phone!





The Sleep8


The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is small and very travel friendly. This portable CPAP cleaner can run off of AC power or batteries and is compatible with all CPAP and BiPAP equipment. Similarly to the SoClean 2, this CPAP sanitizer uses activated oxygen called ozone to clean all of your components at once. Not to mention that this device uses 0% water and there are no additional adapters needed. Just put all your equipment in the Sleep8 bag and press the button. So easy!



PAPitizer LED Smart Sanitizer


The PAPitizer makes sanitizing household items, as well as CPAP products, a breeze with its larger chamber. Utilizing 40 UVC LEDs with five-sided multidirectional sterilization, the PAPitizer kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just 3 minutes. As opposed to ozone cleaners like the SoClean or the Sleep8, the PAPitizer requires no maintenance or filters and includes no harmful chemicals. It also gets rid of bad odors by breaking down the molecular structure of unpleasant smells. With just a press of a button, you can rest easy knowing that your daily household items are clean and ready to use.




CPAP Cleaning Wipes


CPAP cleaning wipes are a good alternative to making sure your CPAP supplies are free of germs and bacteria. These wipes also help extend the life of your equipment and can keep you from getting sick by removing any foreign particles that may cause allergies. Cleaning wipes come in travel size packages so you can clean on the go in any situation. Some wipes will have a scent such as lavender, others are specifically non-scented. It is recommended that you clean your CPAP mask daily and thoroughly on a weekly basis.

At Broadway Home Medical we offer a wide variety of CPAP cleaning options. Whether you are looking for a sanitizing device that uses ultra violet light, ozone, or just needs some sanitizing wipes to get by, we have it all. We are located in Wichita, Kansas and are proud to be serving the community with top of the line customer service since 1994.


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