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CPAP Masks


Searching for convenient suppliers of CPAP Masks near you? Come have a look at the selection of Broadway Home Medical! We offer a variety of options for Full Face Masks and Nasal Masks kits to best match your CPAP machine! We also offer a number of CPAP accessories to make your sleep even more refreshing!

Full Face Masks


One of the most popular options is a CPAP full face mask. It's the bulkiest of the bunch, but it has a soft cushion and frame stabilizer to evenly redistribute pressure over the surface of your face while you sleep. You’ll never have to worry about messing with pesky forehead pads when you choose this type of CPAP mask.




The frame of a CPAP mask is perhaps the most important part in a CPAP setup. You will want your frame to fit comfortably as you will be spending a lot of time together. At Broadway Home Medical, we offer a wide variety of frames. If you're looking for a replacement or just want something new, you'll find it here!


Nasal Pillows


If you want a one-piece design that’s lightweight and comfortable on your face while still providing a snug fit, you might prefer a CPAP nasal pillow mask. This option has a sampling port that allows for precise measurement of pressure. The headgear buckle can be easily adjusted to ensure you achieve a comfortable fit. There are multiple sizes to choose from, too.





Nasal Masks


Another option to consider is a CPAP nasal mask. It is lightweight and does not require any forehead support. The compact design reduces facial contact while still offering a secure seal and maximum stability. This is the best choice for those who want to move freely while they sleep without their mask getting in the way.




Headgear is a critical component in ensuring your mask stays on throughout the night. Most headgear comes with straps or easily adjustable magnetic clips to determine how tight you prefer your mask. It is recommended to replace your headgear every 8 to 14 months and to wash it with warm soapy water.


Chin Straps


Commonly used with CPAP nasal masks, chinstraps help keep the mouth closed during sleep which ecourages breathing through the nose. Although, some chinstraps are adjustable, most chinstraps are fitted to all sizes. All chinstraps are universal and come in a variety of colors.

If you’d like to browse our CPAP masks for sale in Wichita, Kansas, stop in and see us at Broadway Home Medical today! We’d be happy to help you select the right option for your needs. You’ll be glad to know that we carry all of the brands you know and love, including Roscoe Medical®, Fisher & Paykel®, ResMed®, Drive®, and Respironics®. We’re also proud to serve those in Hutchinson.

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