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Product description

Hasten healing and prevent re-injury by supporting and protecting your wrist and palm in a comfortable brace. Relieve pain and swelling from arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, surgery, sprains and strains. Reversible design adjusts to fit both the right and left hand and most hand sizes. Three removable splints provide extra support to increase comfort and stability. Breathable neoprene blend will keep your skin comfortable and cool all day. Extra secure fastening straps ensure the brace will not slip or twist while wearing.


Will the dual wrist brace adjust to fit a small woman’s hand?

Yes, the wrist brace is designed to fit most individuals.

What size should I purchase?

The wrist brace is universally designed to easily adjust, fitting most hand and wrist sizes.

Does the dual wrist brace help relieve pain from carpal tunnel?

Yes, the wrist brace provides stabilizing support and adjustable compression to relieve carpal tunnel pain.

Is the dual wrist brace for the left hand or the right hand?

This brace is designed to be worn on either hand.

Can I wear the dual wrist brace during interval training and exercise?

Yes, the brace can be worn while exercising, though it may be necessary to remove the splints for greater flexibility.

Is it okay to wear at night?

Yes, the brace can be comfortably worn while you sleep.

Will it make my hand sweat?

Because the brace is made with a lightweight, breathable neoprene, it will keep your hand comfortably dry, day or night.

What size is the thumb hole?

The thumb opening is 35 mm in diameter.

Is the dual wrist brace a good choice following carpal tunnel surgery?

Yes, this brace provides stabilizing support and adjustable compression to promote healing following surgery.

Can I wear the dual wrist brace while working on the computer?

Yes! The wrist support leaves your fingers and thumb free to more easily complete everyday tasks, such as typing and moving a mouse.

Does the dual wrist brace contain a metal splint in the palm?

The brace does contain a place to include two splints, one metal splint that fits in your palm and two plastic splints that fits along the back of your hand.

Can I wash the dual wrist brace?

Yes! To clean your brace, first remove the splints, then hand wash in cold water and air dry.

Will this dual wrist brace keep my wrist from moving?

The brace is designed to stabilize the wrist, limiting movement, however, it does not restrict movement entirely.

Can the dual wrist brace get wet?

Although occasional wetness from splashing water, rain, etc. will not harm the brace, it is not recommended for water-based activities such as swimming.

How do I insert the splints?

First, insert the aluminum splints into the pocket next to the rings so that the angle will contour to the palm of the affected hand. Insert the plastic splints into the opposite pocket. Ensure that the aluminum splint is angled down towards the brace for a proper fit.

Is the aluminum splint supposed to have a bend in it?

Yes, the bend will contour to your palm for a superior fit and better compression.

How do I put on and adjust the dual wrist brace?

Insert your thumb through the thumb hole. Loop the fastening straps through the rings on the brace. Secure the fastening straps. Tighten the straps as necessary to adjust compression.

What conditions does the wrist brace help to relieve?

The wrist brace relieves pain, inflammation and swelling caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, repetitive stress injury, post-surgery, sprains and strains.

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