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Rowing Machine


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Product description


    Space-saving, the Vive rowing machine easily folds for compact storage between workouts


    Effectively working every major muscle group, the rowing machine provides low-impact cardiovascular exercise


    Allowing a full range of motion, the rowing machine slide rail measures 39” in length


    Enabling a smooth and quiet rowing motion, the rowing machine includes ten levels of resistance for customizable workouts


    Easy to read, the large LCD screen displays current row count, the time elapsed, estimated calories burned, row count per minute and the total count of rows completed to date


    Attached with a durable rope, the handlebar is lined with soft foam for a comfortable, yet secure grip


What are the dimensions of the rowing machine when folded?

The space-saving rowing machine measures 49” by 26” by 22”

Is the rowing machine handle connected by a rope or a chain?

The Vive rowing machine handle is connected with a strong rope for a smoother, quieter motion.

What is the total length of the rowing machine?

The Vive rowing machine measures 69.49” in length with a slide rail length of 39”.

Will the rowing machine work for my 6’2” frame?

Yes, the rowing machine’s slide rail length measures 39” to accommodate a wide range of user heights.

How high is the rowing machine seat from the floor?

The rowing machine seat sits 8” from the floor.

Is the Vive rowing machine quiet?

Yes! The Vive rowing machine motion is quiet and smooth.

Is the rowing machine seat comfortable to sit on?

Yes, the rowing machine seat is ergonomically designed for greater comfort.

Does the rowing machine include the tools needed to assemble it?

Yes! The Vive rowing machine includes a multipurpose wrench and screwdriver to simplify assembly.

What is the Vive rowing machine’s flywheel weight?

The Vive rowing machine has a 3kg flywheel.

What is the rowing machine’s weight limit?

The Vive rowing machine safely supports up to 220 pounds.

How much does the rowing machine weigh?

The Vive rowing machine weighs 61.73 pounds.

What type of batteries will I need for the rowing machine display screen?

The Vive rowing machine display screen requires two AA batteries.

Does the Vive rowing machine have a low resistance level for rehab?

Yes, the rowing machine has a tension knob which adjusts the resistance from very low to high for progressive workouts.

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