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Product description

Relieving pain and tension in the head, neck and shoulders, the Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow provides cushioning support. Cradling the head and neck, the seat neck pillow features a 3.98” thick memory foam core. Promoting proper posture while seated, the seat neck pillow is contoured for optimal support. Easily attaches to most car seat styles with two adjustable fastener straps. Soft and breathable, the removable cover is easy to clean as needed.


Can the seat neck pillow be attached to the back seat headrests?

Yes! The Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow is easily attached to most car seats in the front or back position.

Is the neck pillow washable?

The seat neck pillow includes a removable cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning. The inner lining may be spot cleaned with a damp cloth only.

Will the Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow fit on Tesla seats?

Yes! The Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow features adjustable fastener straps with quick-release buckles for easily installing on solid car seat styles.

Is this seat neck pillow a memory foam pillow?

Yes! The Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow is made with a soft, breathable memory foam.

How long are the neck pillow straps?

The adjustable fastener straps measure 23.23” in length and gently stretch to 37.40” for easily attaching to most chairs or seats.

Can I use this seat neck pillow on my office chair?

Yes, the seat neck pillow can be attached to high back chairs, including office chairs.

Is this for a single neck pillow?

Yes, the Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow is a single pillow that is easy to move from seat to seat as needed.

How thick is the Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow?

The Xtra Comfort seat neck pillow measures 3.94” thick for comfortably supporting the head and neck.

Does this seat neck pillow have an inner cover?

Yes, the memory foam is protected by an inner lining that is not removable.

Is the seat neck pillow suitable for bus drivers?

Yes! The seat neck pillow will cushion the head and neck relieving tension and promoting proper posture for a more comfortable experience.

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