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SensiCare Ice W/ SmartGuard Nitrile Gloves


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Product description

Medline Sensicare Ice Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves provide high quality protection in hospitals or around the home. They come with SmartGuard protection, making them able to withstand chemotherapy drugs when cleaning up spills. The high quality protection from the gloves reduces the chances of infection and disease from various chemicals and bacteria. Made of nitrile material, the gloves are latex free. This allows the exam gloves to be used by those who may deal with latex allergies or sensitivities, as well as used on patients with the same.

Sensicare Ice with Smartguard comes with beaded cuffs to prevent rolling. This protects more skin from being exposed to chemicals. They are able to withstand soft knicks without tearing or puncturing. Even with the strong durability of the gloves, users are still able to feel through them. Don’t lose tactile ability because of the necessary use of gloves.

Sensicare Ice Nitrile Exam Gloves almost become an extension of the hands. The textured fingertips prevent items slipping through hands as with other exam gloves. They are powder free to prevent hands from drying out during use of the gloves. For added convenience, the boxes for the different sizes are color coded. This allows users to find the right size at a glance in case of emergency situations that need quick attention rather than searching for the right size gloves.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Color Coded Boxes for Sizing at a Glance
  • Tested for Use with Chemo Drugs
  • Beaded Cuff Prevents Rolling
  • Protects Hands from Infection
  • High Touch Perception
  • Textured Finger Tips
  • Powder Free

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