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Sleep 8 CPAP Sanitizer

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Product description

Cleaning your CPAP should be the least of your worries especially when you leave home. CPAP machines are an expensive investment that sanitizing devices shouldn't damage. This top of line sanitizer saves you $1,000's in repairs or from having to buy a new machine. Sleep 8 keeps you and your machine safe at home, on business, and on the road.


Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer System comes complete with:

Sleep 8 sanitizing unit, reusable bag, and charging cord


Say GOODBYE to Germs:

Sleep 8 sanitizing unit generates Ozone or " Activated oxygen" which has been used in healthcare for decades.

Ozone is 99.99% effective at destroying all bacteria, viruses, and molds.

Saturating tubing, mask, water chamber and anything else in ozone will leave your equipment safe to use everyday.



Sleep 8 is compatible with:

Any tubing, CPAP mask, or water chamber 

Sleep 8 protects the warranty on your CPAP machine as it does not connect to the CPAP machine.

Manufacturer's Note: Do not place CPAP machine in the reusable bag to be sanitized as many CPAP manufacturer's are voiding warranties due to the use of OZONE sanitizing units that connect to CPAP machines.


Start sanitizing in less than 2 mintues, walk away, and its done in an hour:

  1. With your mask still attached to CPAP tubing disconnect the tubing from the CPAP machine
  2. connect that end to the port inside the bag
  3. Insert the rest of the tubing, mask, and water chamber (make sure water chamber is dry) into the bag 
  4. Seal the Bag sliding the zipper closed
  5. Attach the Sleep 8 sanitizing unit to the outside port and start the machine

 It's virtually silent!



Reduce clutter on your bedside table as the sleep 8 unit only needs the area of a cell phone and takes up little space in a bedside drawer.

Fold the bag to save space and put in the drawer with your sanitizing unit.

As you can imagine you can put this in any suitcase to take with you on the road.

FREE 2 Year Warranty! When you register your device with sleep 8

No other sanitizer protects you or your machine better. Hit the ADD TO CART button now!


Review (8)

16-12-2020 22:59

Overall a very good product. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the power cord. It doesn't seem to seat firmly into the unit, so it doesn't always charge. However, it sure beats messing with manually cleaning my cpap every day!

16-12-2020 22:57

I still cannot describe the "odor" after Sleep8 finish its cycle: it is not as the smell after rain (that one I do like), but the smell I get during and after the cycle is not pleasant (is not noxious)... Not sure if its the blue bag, the charcoal or what... I have cleaned the whole water receptacle, tube and mask, I've tried only the tube, but in all, the odor remains the same... Is it possible I am not using it correctly? Is it normal?

16-12-2020 22:49

I have been using my sleep8 machine for almost a year it is economical and as of yet I have had no illnesses unlike before I got my sleep8 machine.

15-12-2020 15:56

I love this thing! It takes all the hassle out of cleaning, easy to use, portable & well made.

15-12-2020 15:55

Ready for home, travel and camping
The Sleep8 is perfect for my needs and has performed without fail. A compact sanitizer that is made for travel and does not take up much space at home. The travel case is a nice addition, and the travel wipes are a bit on the small size, but they work for the intended purpose. USB charging option is great for camping.

15-12-2020 15:54

I like the Sleep 8. It is easy to use, does a good job of sanitizing my CPAP mask, hose and humidifier tray and it seems durable.

The zipper on the bag sticks a bit on closing, but works if I am careful with it.

15-12-2020 15:52

Easy to use!
Easy to use and rechargeable. Allows to me to use it where ever I want. Large bag makes it easy to put mask, hose, and water reservoir in at the same time.

15-12-2020 15:51

Easy cleaning and everything smells fresh
This product makes cleaning my equipment so much easier and saves me a lot of time. When the cleaning is done, everything smells fresh and ready to use. I really like the way it smells. I'm very glad that I purchased this cleaning system and highly recommend it.

4.65 stars based on 8 reviews