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Product description

Precise manual blood pressure readings with a range of +/- 3 mm Hg. Lightweight nylon cuff includes a D-ring for easy and accurate self measurements. Easy to read, the dial is stick and crack-resistance for long term usability and also includes a clip for securely attaching to the cuff or clothing when not in use. Adult sized cuff accommodates arm circumferences of 9.84” to 15.75”. Double tube PVC inflation bag has a large spring air-release valve and tapered end valve. Safely store the latex-free aneroid sphygmomanometer in the included zippered pouch for easy portability.


Is this aneroid sphygmomanometer calibrated?

Yes, the sphygmomanometer is calibrated to +/- 3 mmHg.

Do you have to use a stethoscope to use the sphygmomanometer?

No, the sphygmomanometer alone measures systolic blood pressure ,however, a stethoscope must be used to obtain a diastolic reading. 

Will the cuff fit my extra large arms?

The flexible cuff extends to accommodate arm circumferences up to 15.75”.

Is there a clip on the back of the gauge?

Yes, there is a clip for easily attaching to the cuff of clothing.

Can I use this blood pressure cuff on myself?

Yes, the provided D-ring allows individuals to easily secure the blood pressure cuff.

Is the bulb easy to pump?

Yes, the inflation bulb is easy to control for accurate self measurements.

Is the cuff latex-free?

Yes! The cuff, inflation bulb and tubing are all latex-free.

Are there arrows on the cuff for proper positioning?

Yes, the cuff is marked with arrows for proper positioning on the arm.

Does the cuff have a D-ring?

Yes! The cuff includes a D-ring allowing you to secure the cuff for accurate self measurements.

Will the needle jump or pulsate with the heartbeat?

Yes, the needle pulsates with the heartbeat.

Is a calibration key included?

Yes, a small wrench key is included to recalibrate the sphygmomanometer as needed.

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