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Product description

Reflecting off the glossy surface, the toilet bowl night light illuminates the bathroom for safe nighttime visits. Featuring a motion and light-detecting sensor, the night light quickly turns on when the dark room is entered. A flexible arm bends over the edge of the bowl for a secure fit on any toilet. Brightening the room, the LED light includes eight vibrant color options. Easy to clean, the toilet bowl light is waterproof. Includes three AAA batteries for out of the box use.


Is the toilet bowl light waterproof?

Yes! The Vive Toilet bowl light is splash-proof and waterproof.

Does the toilet night light have a light sensor?

Yes, the toilet night light is fitted with a light sensor to detect ambient light. The toilet night light only works in dim or dark bathrooms.

Is the toilet bowl light motion activated?

Yes! The Vive toilet bowl night light is motion activated.

Why does my night light stay on during the day?

The night light may turn on when motion is detected during daylight hours if the sensor is not exposed to sufficient light. It may be necessary to reposition the light around the sides of the toilet bowl for optimal operation.

Can I choose a single color for my night light?

Yes! You can choose a single color for the Vive toilet bowl light. To set a single color, press the button directly above the sensor to lock the current color in place. Press the button a second time to resume the color rotation.

Do the night light colors automatically rotate?

Yes, the preset mode is to rotate the colors through the entire color line up.

Does the night light automatically shut off when I leave the bathroom?

Yes! The toilet bowl night light features an energy-saving shut-off function.

What kind of batteries do I need for the toilet bowl night light?

The Vive toilet bowl night light requires three AAA batteries which are included with your purchase.

Where should I place the toilet bowl light?


The toilet night light should be secured over the edge of the toilet bowl, beneath the lid and rim.

How do I clean the toilet bowl light?

The waterproof night light can be easily removed and cleaned with a standard disinfectant wipe or similar solution.

Will the night light fit on any toilet?

Yes! The flexible arm is 4.13” in length to fit any toilet bowl.

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