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Life Aids

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Whether you need help getting out of bed or have trouble reaching something on that top shelf, Broadway Home Medical has the devices you need to make your life easier. Life aids can help people in many different ways including things like managing medication throughout the week or providing extra grip on silverware. Whatever it is you need assistance with, you'll find it here!



Life Aid Accessories


Life aid accessories is a relatively broad category and can include a variety of items. These are products that may assist with day to day actions like twisting a cap off a water bottle or opening a particularly heavy door. Other items in this category may be as simple as a magnifying glass or an all purpose stool. Transfer boards help with making the transition between lying in bed to sitting in a wheelchair or transport chair. Most of these transfer boards are made from wood, rectangularly shaped and have slots on the sides for grip.


Using a Transfer Board



Utensils With Extra Grip




Special dinnerware sets exist for those who have may have trouble eating without extra effort. This cutlery comes with a thick non-slip handle which provides extra grip and a weighted option to help keep your hand steady. The added weight can be useful for someone who has limited hand control or hand tremors. We also offer specialized plates and bowls that include a high rim for scooping or a raised lip for increased control.







Hygiene is an incredibly important task that everyone should get into the habit of maintaining. Good personal hygiene lowers the risk of spreading disease and illness and can provide you with a higher sense of confidence. Hand washing is perhaps the most important part of preventing the spread of viruses and bateria. However, when soap and water isn't readily available, hand sanitizer will often do the trick. It is recommended to keep a small bottle of sanitizer on you when you know you'll be away from a bathroom or another place you could wash your hands. While hand sanitizer is a benefit to have, it is no substitute for hand washing.


Hand Washing




Managing Medication


Medicine Management


Managing medication can be overwhelming, especially when someone has a plethora of pills they have to take throughout the week. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. A pill pod planner is a good place to start. These planners usually consist of a row of small containers that are labeled for each day of the week. Some planners have two rows that can be utilized for patients that require a bi-weekly pill plan. For those who may forget to take their medication, the MedReady 1700-FL comes with an audible alarm and a flashing light that reminds you to take your meds.



There's nothing wrong with needing assistance every once and a while. Having these kinds of life aids available can facilitate every day tasks like getting out of bed or sitting down and having a nice dinner with your family. At Broadway Home Medical, we provide aid in the form of gadgets and tools to to make your life easier. So come see us today! We are located in Wichita, Kansas

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