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Protective Equipment

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is used in several types of situations everyday around the world. These include things like latex or rubber gloves, masks like a KN95, protective eye wear, or even a waterproof cast protector. All of these items can help save lives everyday in places like hospitals or longterm care facilities. At Broadway Home Medical, we offer a range of ppes that will let you rest easy knowing you're protected.




Masks can be extremely effective in slowing the rate at which germs and disease spread. Although, there are different kinds of masks, all of which have varrying levels of efficacy, they all have the same concept: to keep your germs to yourself. When it comes to protecting yourself, and others from viruses like SARS-CoV-2, it's imperative to wear masks recommended by the CDC and maintain social distancing. It's also worth mentioning that face shields are not as effective as respiratory protection and should not be used as a substitute for face masks.









Medical gloves help protect your hands from germs and bacteria. They can also be used to prevent harmful microorganisms that may already be living on your hands from reaching other surfaces or people. If you're dealing with an open wound, whether that wound is on yourself or someone else, sterile medical gloves ensure no infection can occur. Although gloves may help prevent the spread of germs, they are no substitute for washing your hands. Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom, smoking, or treating an open wound.




Body Equipment


Personal protective equipment can also be used for different parts of the body. When you've broken a limb, depending on how it's been broken, you may have to wear a cast. Devices like waterproof cast protectors can help prevent moisture from entering your cast and damaging it. PPE isn't just for the medical field. Many occupations can make use of protective equipment. In a construction site, workers wear hard hats to prevent the chance of significant head trauma or even death. Police men and women wear body armor to protect their torso from gunshot wounds. Safety glasses and other eye protection can be useful when working with metal or wood and hearing protection can help keep your eardrums safe when extremely loud sounds are present.



Aqua Armor


Whether it's in a construction site or a hospital, PPE saves lives everyday. In today's world, it's getting increasingly difficult to protect the public from disease. Fortunately, Broadway Home Medical has the equipment you need to keep you and your loved ones safe. Stop by today and invest in some personal protection, your body with thank you!

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