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Lift chairs, also called power lift recliners, are perfect for ensuring you have comfort, care, and safety in your home. You might ask: where can I find a power lift recliner near me? What would best fit my needs? What fabrics can I get with my lift chair? We have you covered! We not only offer White Glove Delivery for lift chairs nationally, but we also have the best brands in the business! With Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, you won't be disappointed with our power lift chair selection. We've put together a guide below to assist with your decision making! Keep reading for more information on your new power lift recliner!


Lift Chair Buying Guide


If you need a little help transitioning from a sit to a standing position, look no further than lift chairs! These comfortable and stylish devices may look just like your regular recliner, but upon further inspection, they’re in fact great mobility aids. As soon as it’s time to head out to meet your friends for lunch, the push of a button will activate the powerful electric lifting system hidden in your lift chair, raising you up into a standing position so you’re ready to go. These devices can be extremely helpful for all individuals, whether elderly or suffering from a chronic condition that limits your mobility, lift recliners give you the extra assistance needed to regain independence and confidence. Here at Broadway Home Medical in Wichita, KS, we understand the importance of remaining mobile and keeping your active lifestyle. Read on to learn more about the lift chairs we have for sale near you!


Two-position Lift Chairs

There are many options when it comes to choosing a power lift recliner. You may want to think about what you'll be doing when you're using your chair. This way, you get a good idea of what type of lift chair to purchase. Two-position recliners have a reclining range of 45 degrees, which is the perfect position for watching television or reading your favorite book. 


Three-position Lift Chairs

With a three-position power lift chair, you can lay almost flat and stop at any degree of recline in between. This allows the user to transition comfortably into a sleeping position, a TV recline position, and a standard straight position. This lift chair recliner is also great for watching television or reading!


Infinite-position Lift Chairs

The infinite-position power lift recliners can also be referred to as "zero gravity," or full recline. With these lift chairs, you can fully recline into a flat position, which brings you parallel to the floor. Many infinite-position power recliners can go into the Trendelenburg position which is great for individuals who suffer from congestive heart failure, edema, diabetes, hypotension, neuropathy, and blood circulation deficiency. Most of these recliners are also able to lift the user's feet above their heart which can be greatly beneficial for individuals who suffer from different ailments. Explore all the health benefits these power lift recliners have to offer!



Golden Technologies features some of the best lift chairs in the industry. A family owned and operated company, Golden Technologies has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing top of the line power lift recliners for more than 30 years. You’ll find no shortage of choices for the perfect lift chair, including models that even offer power heat massage! Golden also offers their patented Twilight Technology on a number of lift chairs. With this new feature, the user is able to transition into multiple positions, which offers great health benefits.



Pride® also features some of the best lift chairs around with a wide range of models to choose from. Whatever your decision, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a medical lift chair that’s high quality, durable, and reliable for years to come. You’ll find chairs that elevate your lifestyle while offering extraordinary comfort, chairs that are made to match your personal aesthetic, and even chairs that offer luxury features like USB remotes, power headrests and footrests, and memory foam.


Pride Lift Chair Accessories

  • Heat and massage - Soothe your tired and aching body with a recliner that offers heat and massage. Some Pride Power Lift Recliners come with the option to purchase heat and massage. Depending on the lift chair model you are interested in, you may have the option to purchase heat and massage or the deluxe heat and massage. Heat and massage are controlled with your lift chair’s remote. The average temperature of the heating pad ranges between 106°F - 118°F (41°C - 48°C) and can be affected by the ambient temperature of the room and clothing worn by the user.
  • Head pillow - Need extra support while you watch television or read a book? The Pride Lift Chair headrest pillow is a great choice. This comfortable pillow easily supports your head and neck as you watch television, do a crossword puzzle, or just simply relax. The plush inner filling of the headrest pillow is comfortable yet supportive. You can choose the color and fabric of the headrest pillow to match your existing power lift recliner.
  • Lumbar pillow - For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of lumbar support, it refers to support for the lower back area, also known as the lumbar region. If you struggle with lower back pain or issues, purchasing a lumbar support product can add some comfort by helping you maintain correct posture. One of the many useful and comfortable lift chair accessories is the lumbar pillow. We offer lumbar pillows in the exact color and fabric to match your existing power lift recliner. This rolled support pillow is removable and can be adjusted to fit where you need it, optimizing overall comfort. The pillow is designed with plush filling that provides firm support targeted to your lower back region.
  • Non-skid leg levelers - Are you dealing with uneven flooring in your home? We’ve got the solution! The non-skid leg levelers for Pride Lift Chairs are the perfect solution for the uneven floors in your apartment, condo, house, and everything in-between. The set comes with four non-skid leg levelers. Simply screw the threaded shafts into the matching holes on the bottom of the base of your Pride Power Lift Recliner. Adjust accordingly to ensure your power lift recliner is on a level surface. Plus, when using the power lift function on your recliner, the skid pad on the bottom of each leveler ensures that the chair does not slide, for your safety and peace of mind when operating or sitting in your lift chair.
  • Cleaning kit - You’re excited about your new power lift recliner and want to preserve it as long as you can? Unfortunately, life happens. Food gets dropped, drinks get spilled and sometimes stains magically appear. Whether you want to maintain the look of the fabric on your lift chair or you need to clean up after an accident, there are safe ways to remove stains and marks. With a lift chair care kit, you can maintain the integrity of your power lift recliner’s fabric, preserving its new look. The kit includes three different solutions to remove stains and a disinfectant cleaner that doesn’t contain bleach or harsh chemicals. While running to the sink to grab some water and a cloth may seem easier, investing in a lift chair care kit is the safest way to go about cleaning your power lift recliner.


If you're still asking yourself: where can I find a power lift recliner near me? I hope we helped answer that question and gave you some much needed peace of mind. Consider Broadway Home Medical for your next power lift recliner purchase. We have two locations in Wichita, KS!

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