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Modular Ramps

What Are Modular Ramps?

Modular ramps are different from that of threshold or portable ramps. Modular ramps are composed of smaller, individual parts that are fitted together to form a whole ramp that fits your needs best. There are generally two different types of ramps: wooden and modular. Each type of ramp comes with its own merits, however, all modular ramps come with the benefit of flexible configuration, easy installation, and simple removal.

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Installation & Removability

Because modular ramps are made up of different sections and parts, the installation is relatively straight forward. These different sections connect through a groove and tongue system which attributes to a quick and easy installation and a secure connection after assembly. Another detail that helps hasten an installation or uninstallation of a modular ramp is the lightweight nature of the individual parts. These parts can easily be carried and moved by one or two people.

Flexible Configuration

Modular ramps are designed to be flexible when it comes to installation. If there's an obstacle in the way of where a ramp could go, like a tree stump, a leg can easily be swapped out or moved to another position while still providing support to the ramp.

The great thing about modular ramps is that nothing is permanent! If the medium of transportation for the primary ramp user changes, it can be completely reconfigured to best fit their needs. These ramps can also be removed with ease if the need for them becomes unnecessary. However, if the ramp is placed on grass, there could be certain spots that will need time to grow back.


Thanks to the interchangeable parts of the tongue and groove system, any damaged component or components can be uninstalled and new ones can be installed in their place. So, for instance, if a storm causes debris of some kind to damage the ramp's railings, it's just a matter of swapping out the damaged parts for new ones.

Wooden Ramps

The main benefits that wooden ramps provide is simply aesthetics. A wooden ramp will blend into the environment better and you have the option of choosing the type of wood and color of stain to match its surroundings. So if you're concerned that a modular ramp might conflict with the color scheme of your front porch, a wooden ramp could prove to be aesthetically pleasing.

Beyond that, wooden ramps are very high maintenance and are a lot more permanent than aluminum ramps. They also require someone who is experienced with woodworking or a contractor to customize your layout.


Wooden ramps require regular attention to prevent rot as well as yearly treatment to reapply the sealer. On top of that, any damage that could possibly occur ends up being a lot more severe as you will most likely have to deconstruct a large portion of the ramp to repair it.

Aluminum Ramps

When we say 'modular ramps', we're referring to the idea that each part of the ramp is its own separate piece until combined with other parts to form a whole ramp. These ramps are specifically designed to hook together with minimal effort all while maintaining, or even adding, the comfort and stability provided by a wooden ramp. Depending on the configuration, a modular ramp can be installed with a few tools and generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Although the metallic finish doesn't blend in as well as a wooden ramp, a modular ramp requires no extra maintenance, paint, or staining. Grooves on the surface of the ramp provide more traction to prevent any accidental falls or slips and changes to the configuration can easily be added during or even after the installation. These ramps are long lasting. So once the need for them becomes obsolete, they can be taken apart and stored, or sold to someone else who may need it.


To Conclude

Ramps help people everyday. If you look you'll see them everywhere in public spaces, so why not have one leading straight to your front door? There's a lot to think about when deciding on the type of ramp you want installed. If you're someone who is confident in their ability to construct a sound ramp by themselves and you're worried that a modular ramp will be an eyesore, then investing in the lumber required to do the job is a good idea. That being said, modular ramps are more convenient, completely reconfigurable, and the cheaper option when compared to lumber costs or hiring costs of a contractor.

If you have any questions about modular ramps or are interested in renting a ramp from Broadway Home Medical, then stop by and see us or give us a call! We are located in Wichita, KS.

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