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AirMini Set-up Pack


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Product description

AirMini F20 Setup Pack - Mask Assembly

The AirMini Mask Setup Pack for ResMed's all new AirFit F20 mask is a necessary set-up if you plan on using the AirMini travel CPAP machine. This was uniquely designed to be used in conjunction with the AirFit F20 as well as the AirTouch F20. The F20 setup pack connects your mask and AirMini together by using a special mask connector and tubing. Please note that this set-up is only compatible with one another and no other mask will suffice. It is not compatible with other masks or machines on the market.

Inside the Package

The setup pack includes a AirMini tube which connects the AirFit F20 Full Face mask to the ResMed AirMini travel machine. If you are an existing AirFit/AirTouch F20 user then you can use this set-up pack to connect it to your AirMini seamlessly.

Simply remove the existing elbow from your mask and connect the one that comes inside this kit. Again, keep in mind, this is only compatible with the AirMini CPAP machine only.

The Humidx waterless heat moisture exchanges do not work with the F20 mask, If you do need a humidifier option then you will need to use either the nasal or nasal pillow mask options for the AirMini. In order to use the two nasal mask options you will need to be able to breathe through your nose, or alternatively you will need to use a chin strap.

The AirMini travel machine is compatible with only three masks which all have their own setup pack available, in addition to this, the AirMini is also only compatible with one certain type of tubing. If you do have a different full face mask other than the F20 or different tubing. You will need to use the F20 mask, with the AirMini tubing and connector in order for this machine to work.

Key Features

  • Easy Set-up
  • Easy to Wash

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