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Golden Technologies

EZ Sleeper w/ Twilight Lift Chair

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Product description

***Stock image shows chair in Shiitake Brisa***



Elevate and circulate in the PR761-MLA, the world’s most advanced power positioning lift recliner. Golden’s patented 5-motor system provides unique, rejuvenating positions along with power lumbar support and power headrest. Healthy benefits include being able to elevate the feet above the heart while experiencing a feeling of weightlessness. Twilight positions relieve pressure points and encourage proper posture by supporting the natural “S” shape of the spine.


Overall Width: 34"

Overall Height: 44"

Width Between Arms: 22"

Distance Required From Wall Reclined: 24"

Product Size: Medium/Large

Seat Depth: 21"

Weight Capacity: 375lbs


Electrical Parts: 3 Years

Electrical Labor: 1 Year

Mechanical Labor: 3 Years

Frame: Lifetime

Parts Pro Rated: Years 4 thru 7

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