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The Ultimate Bed Wedge – Easily Adjusts To Any Position for Relief from Any Condition!

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on an adjustable hospital bed, or struggle with the set-up of a heavy mechanical frame when you can own the Mattress Genie at a fraction of the cost. With the air powered Mattress Genie bed wedge, you can get all the benefits of a therapeutic adjustable bed, with your own mattress. The Mattress Genie is an inflatable wedge pillow that turns any bed into an adjustable bed with a simple touch of a button.

Just like tradition hospital beds or expensive adjustable beds, the Mattress Genie allows users to sleep elevated. Since the Mattress Genie allows you to adjust the incline, the inflatable bed wedge also allows you to find superior comfort for relief from various conditions. The inflatable bed wedge pillow will help those looking to relieve symptoms associated with Digestive or Respiratory conditions, pain, pregnancy, post-surgery comfort, assistance in getting in and out of bed or simply for relaxation.

Benefits of the Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge

  • No Expensive, Heavy Equipment to Buy – Simply use with your own mattress. Works on ANY mattress no matter brand, type or bed base you have
  • Raise & Lower The Head Of Your Mattress – Find a comfortable sleeping position anywhere between 0 – 45 degrees. Perfect for raising your mattress to help relieve conditions associated with Acid Reflux, Sciatica, Back Support, Nursing or Relaxing
  • Multi-Functional Support – While awake, use the Genie wedge fully upright to find comfort while reading in bed, watching television, eating breakfast or to assist getting out of bed.
  • Quick Inflation – Wedge fully inflates by hand-held remote in less than 1 minutes!
  • New Motor & Bladder Construction – Reinforced for durability, commercial strength construction for everyday use. Enhanced textured canvas feel surface provides durability and provides the wedge with anti-slide qualities.
  • Perfect Alternative For Travel – Portable bed wedge solution for travel. Takes up a small amount of space in luggage or suitcase
Turn any mattress into an adjustable bed with the Mattress Genie! Now anyone can have the support & comfort of an expensive adjustable bed for a fraction of the cost. This bed wedge pillow is completely adjustable, allowing you to lay flat to an upright seated position (and anywhere in between) with a touch of a button!

Key Benefits of the Mattress Genie
  • Enjoy all the comforts of an adjustable bed
  • Works on any mattress you’re now sleeping on
  • Raises and lifts your mattress with the power of air
  • No heavy, motorized bed frames or mechanisms
  • Includes illuminated easy to use remote control!

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