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Delivery Methods

Lift Chairs are an amazing option for many people who are in need of positioning assistance! At Broadway Home Medical we provide a wide variety of not only chairs, but delivery options for our Lift Chairs:

Freight Delivery:

This option is a simple freight delivery directly to your home. The chair comes still boxed and there is no set up assistance from the delivery person.

Inside Delivery:

By selecting Inside Delivery, an upgraded delivery option available on some products, your item will be delivered by a freight carrier and brought inside your home (ground-level only). The carrier will call you directly to schedule a convenient time for delivery.

Important Note: The freight carrier cannot carry your item up any stairs nor will they unpack the item to fit through doors. To ensure that Inside Delivery is an option for you, please measure the door to your home (ground-level) to ensure that it is at least 36" wide (the standard width of the box). If your doorway is not large enough to accommodate a box of this size, please consider White Glove Delivery.

White Glove Delivery*:

White Glove Delivery is a premium delivery option available on some items, your new product is delivered into your home at a time that you schedule, set up and tested in the place you request and all packaging materials are removed.

White Glove Delivery is perfect for people who prefer additional assistance in the delivery of their new lift chair, scooter or power wheelchair. Broadway Home Medical strongly suggests White Glove Delivery for people purchasing products to be delivered to out-of-town family members or friends who may need assistance getting their product into their home, unpacked and set up.

Here is what you can expect with White Glove Delivery:

  1. Your product will be shipped to a local technician in your area
  2. The technician will contact you to schedule a time for delivery
  3. At the designated delivery time, the technician will:
  • Bring your new mobility product into your home
  • Unpack it completely
  • Set it up where you request
  • Test it to ensure that everything is functioning properly
  • Remove any packaging materials

*Please note that customers within 50 miles of Wichita, Kansas will receive this service as a complimentary part of Standard delivery.

BHM Service Plans*

1-Year In-Home Diagnostics, Labor, and Repairs

Should you have an issue, simply call Broadway Home Medical and we’ll send an authorized technician to your home to diagnose and repair your Lift chair absolutely free of charge. $100 or Free for Lift Chair customers in the Wichita Area

Please note: Replacement parts are covered under the specific manufacturer’s warranty and are not included in our service contracts. If your product warranty is voided, the service contract will also be voided. Only warranty part replacement is included in our extended service contract, with the exception of motors and transaxle that need to be replaced after the warranty has expired.  

2-Years In-Home Diagnostics, Labor and Repairs

Add a second year of in-home service and know you’re covered for diagnostics, labor and repairs for two full years. $150.00

3-Years In-Home Diagnostics, Labor and Repairs

This product is eligible for our three-year service plan.  Add two more years to the first year service contract and know you are covered for three full years.  $250.00

*Service agreements are only available to customers who are inside our service area. 50 miles. While we may deliver a product to you outside of our service area only customers inside of our service area can take advantage of our service agreements. This does not mean we will not service the products but trip charges will apply

Highest Quality Recliner Fabrics

When it comes to performance, comfort, and style, Golden Technologies’ array of power lift recliners is unmatched in the industry. It’s no wonder that the fabric we use gives you the same high quality and range of choices to please every taste and need—including our exclusive luxury Brisa® and high performance fabric with Alta™ technology, plus a full palette of plush fabrics and colors. At Golden, we understand how important your lift chair is to you, and we want you to relish in its appearance and durability, as well as its functionality.

Luxurious Brisa® Fabric

Supple Brisa® fabric offers the refined look of leather, but in a luxuriously soft, breathable, and temperate design. Brisa® fabric comes in an extensive selection of lovely colors to choose from and will never stick to you or feel too hot or cold. This beautiful fabric is scratch proof and easy to clean and disinfect, so it always stays looking new! These fabrics are double rubbed 300,000 times to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. We’re so sure of the quality of this fabric, that Golden offers a Lifetime Warranty* on all Brisa® fabrics.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty, as long as normal use is maintained. Restrictions apply. See Owner’s Manual for details.

High-Performance Fabric

Our NEW high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology is perfect for heavy-duty or high-traffic seating. Alta™ ramps up performance with a total liquid barrier, antimicrobial protection, and high repellency to liquids and oil-based stains. Exceptional cleanability reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents. Durablock™ liquid barrier provides breathable protection. Golden offers a 10-year warranty on all high-performance fabric with Alta™ technology.

Anli Urethane Fabric

Our Urethane fabric is highly durable and provides the most realistic imitation of leather. The composite material and polyurethane coating make this fabric water resistant, flexible and lightweight. Unlike vinyl, there is no cracking or peeling. It remains soft and supple.

Easy Living Fabric

Easy Living fabric has a modern, updated look to match any home décor. It tailors extremely well bringing out the shape and design of our lift recliners. This fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

New Imagine Fabric

Our contemporary plush Imagine fabric comes standard on our Value Series lift recliners, but is also available for special order on every lift recliner collection. This beautiful, soft fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

Microsuede Fabric

Microsuede fabric is a stylish alternative to suede with wonderful advantages. Composed of millions of microfibers, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather, but none of its drawbacks. Long lasting and stain resistant, this faux suede fabric is perfect for furniture that will see a high volume of use or spills. It’s 100% vegan, but looks and feels like the real thing. With a stylish look and two gorgeous color options, these fabrics will be a welcome addition to any décor. Our microsuede fabrics come standard on select Golden power lift recliners.

Porto Fabric

The Porto pattern is a luxuriously soft fabric with a subtle pattern to match your home décor. This fabric features our exclusive SofTouch™ with Stain Defense coating. This proprietary system, while increasing stain resistance, adds a luxurious “soft to the touch” feel to the fabric.

Lift Chair Selection

Choosing the right chair size and features is critical to ensuring you receive a chair that is going to meet your needs. 

    • Weight capacity
      You should try, if at all possible, to stay within 80% of the chairs maximum weight capacity. Remember that the weight capacity pertains to the overall weight distribution across the entire chair. If the chair is rated at 375lbs., that is the chair’s overall weight tolerance and for example does not mean that the footboard will support 375lbs.
    • Distance from the floor to top of seat
      Begin by ensuring that your feet are flat on the floor. As a point of reference there should be enough space behind your knee or calf to fit two fingers comfortably. Ideally the edge of the footboard should catch just above your heels. Excessive overhang may cause severe discomfort and damage the scissor mechanism on the lift chair. The floor to seat height should be measured from the bottom of one’s foot to the top of the back of the knee. If the floor to seat height is too tall it will cause your feet to dangle above the floor. A floor to seat height that is too small will cause your knees to become uncomfortably elevated and unsupported.
    • Seat depth
      With the knees bent your lower back should reach all the way to the back assembly without any leaning, stretching or scooching. With the customer in the seated position and their back and legs flush against the chair at a 90-degree angle you will be able to determine if the chair is an appropriate height. The seat depth should be measured from the bottom of the back of the knee to the base of one’s back. Too small of a seat depth will create a shorter leg extension and your feet will hang off the footboard too much when reclined.
    • Seat width
      The distance across your backside while in the seated position plus two inches will help determine if the chair will be too narrow or too wide for the customer. A hand should pass without resistance between the chair and your hips. Too large of a seat width will cause you to favor one side of the chair over the other. Remember that when you sit down your backside will spread wider than it is in a standing position. Too narrow of a seat width will cause you to squeeze into a restricted area. Over time this will cause undue stress on the arms and create problems with the chair’s operation.
    • Recline Options
      Lift chairs come in 3 different recline options.
      • 2 Position Recline
        2 Position chairs have one motor that controls the back of the chair and the leg rest at the same time. This means that as the back reclines the leg rest will come up automatically. These chairs will typically recline to around 15 degrees which is appropriate for lounging and watching tv.
      • 3 Position Recline
        3 Position chairs also have one motor but will recline to around 45 degrees which is ideal for napping.
      • Infinite Position Recline
        Infinite position chairs have two motors that operate independently to provide an  infinite range of positions. You can raise the leg rest and adjust the back angle to suit your preference. The fully reclined position turns your chair into a comfortable place for napping. These chairs can recline to the trendelenburg position which will elevate your feet above your heart and is recommended for people with swelling in the legs and ankles. Some of these chairs also offer zero gravity positioning to neutralize pressure on the lower back.


Mechanical problems that can occur because of improperly “fitted” chairs:
  • If a chair is too large for you it may cause the scissor mechanism to snap open abruptly or shut abruptly.
  • If a chair is too tall and you must scoot back to the back of the seat, the foam in the seat may begin to bulge in the center over time.
  • If you exceed 80% of the chairs capacity it is likely that damage will occur to the wooden framework, scissor mechanism and the lift frame over time.
  • Uneven weight distribution - some consumers would prefer a chair that is much wider than they need. Perhaps you have a pet or child you want to be able join you in the chair or a place to set their things. The problem with a chair that is too wide is that the end user may favor one side of the chair over another causing uneven foam compression and in some cases uneven wearing of the scissor mechanism.
  • If the seat is too narrow for the consumer, continuous pressure of the hips against the inside of the arms while either the chair or the consumer is in motion will cause the wooden arm frames to weaken or crack over time.


Variations in Occupancy

There are instances when a family will purchase a lift chair and they will share or change the occupancy. Unless all occupants are similar in size or body type, the chair may not perform the same as it would for the intended occupant.



Your favorite tall recliner meets new upgrades in the MaxiComforter power lift chair! Our long-standing, Small-to-Tall size collection now features a contemporary design and plush fabric offerings! Refreshed features include a new arm style with additional padding for more comfort and value, extended arms to provide better ease of use while entering or exiting the chair while lifted, a new back style for maximum comfort, and a tasteful new seam design. Plus, Golden’s most sought-after signature seat for the utmost in support and comfort. Available in luxurious chenille fabrics with a new upgraded stain defense. Comfort comes from custom tailoring. Find your size today!


View the product specifications tab below to learn more about your new lift chair!


375 lbs.
Infinite MaxiComfort Patented Positioning
Electrical Parts: 3 Years Electrical Labor: 1 Year Mechanical Labor: 3 Years Pro Rated: Years 4 thru 7: Yes

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