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Prevail Bariatric A and Bariatric B Sized Briefs are specially designed to fit the largest of wearers comfortably. They offer ultimate absorbency, which is ideal for heavy bladder leakage. Features include: 1) 360° Breathable Zones allow air to circulate around the entire brief and help prevent heat and moisture build up, 2) Expandex Wings gives a more comfortable fit (only available on Bariatric B), 3) Direct Lock Panels offer an adjustable fit, 4) Odor Guard stops odors before they start, 4) Easy-Lock Fasteners grip and hold without being sticky, 5) Cloth-like Outer Fabric is soft and comfortable, and 6) our DriFit system provides a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin. Bariatric A fits 62 to 73 inch waist and Bariatric B stretches up to 100 inch waist.

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