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Power Mobility


What Kind of Mobility Scooter Should You Buy?

Getting a mobility scooter can be the optimal way to improve your lifestyle. They’re often faster and easier to use than other mobility aids, and for some, it's the only option worth investing in. But of course, there’s quite a bit to think about. Your lifestyle can greatly influence what kind of scooter is right for you. Perhaps you need something that’s more portable due to your busy lifestyle. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a 3- or 4-wheel option, which can assist with portability and handling, or stability, depending on what you get.

You’ll also want to consider the brand name you invest in. The model you get will need to be dependable, which means a name you can trust is of the utmost importance. That’s why Broadway Home Medical in Wichita, Kansas, near Hutchinson, only offers the best mobility scooters on the market. Contact us today about how we can help you find the perfect product for you.


Drive Medical® Scooters

Over the years, Drive has become one of the top HME providers, and their scooters are built to be efficient and easy to use. Their commitment to improving your quality of life helps create excellent mobility scooters with features like a new and innovative design, as well as a one-touch, infinite tiller angle adjustment to make it easier to create the ideal driving position.


Pride Mobility® Scooters

For electric scooters in a league of their own, turn to Pride mobility scooters. They offer eye-catching designs specifically catered to fit your needs in a wide range of sizes. They’re versatile, durable, and come with some of the most advanced technology for the best performance.


Golden Technologies Scooters

For life on the go and comfort features all around, check out Golden Technologies scooters. These machines are designed to give you custom performance and a more relaxed experience. You can even enjoy the first full-time luxury travel scooter for all-day use and easy transport.


Power Wheelchairs

There are many reasons to choose a power wheelchair. For starters, they’re more efficient than their manual counterpart. Many people invest in this model because it requires less effort to operate. There are still other factors to think about, though. For instance, power wheelchairs can present their own set of accessibility issues. These machines are quite heavy and often require a special vehicle for transport. If you fully understand how to operate a manual model but simply don’t have the physical strength that’s required to do so, you’ll be better off with a power wheelchair.

We hope that this information has been helpful. If you still have questions or you’d like to check out wheelchairs for sale in Wichita, KS, visit us at Broadway Home Medical.