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Quattro FX Frame


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Product description

The Quattro FX Mask Frame provides a clear line of sight and covers less of your face than most masks. A unique suspension like frame removes the need for a forehead support and combined with Spring Air and Swing Seal, the Quattro FX ensures a superior seal and true comfort. Overall the design of the FX ensures minimal contact with the face providing you with a comfortable feel. The Frame comes with elbow, headgear clips and cushion only, no other components of the mask are included in the frame.

Minimal Contact

The Quattro FX Assembly Kit is able to create a secure seal without the need of a forehead support thereby providing fewer points of failure and no red marks on your forehead. Eliminating the forehead support enables you to enjoy a clear line of sight for your nightly routines with no obstruction.

Spring Air Technology

Spring Air technology develops a suspension action between the Spring frame and Air cushion which works together with the contoured crown cap headgear. This ensures an extremely stable fit and distributes pressure evenly around the face while accommodating user movement.

Dual- Wall Cushion

There are two cushion layers: the inner layer provides support and stabilizes the cushion while the softer outer membrane reduces the chance of leaks and pressure sores. When air flows through the cushion the outer membrane inflates around the nose rather than stretching over it.

Swing Seal Technique

Fitting your mask is easy: just place the mask at an angle where the cushion rests on he center of the nasal bridge with the head clips removed. Swing the mask down to rest between the bottom of your lip and the chin, then reattach the headgear clips and adjust the side straps for a proper fit.

Key Features

  • Minimal Contact - Secure seal without the need for forehead support means fewer points of contact
  • Spring Air Technology - Enables suspension action between Spring Frame and Spring Air Cushion
  • Lightweight - Provides comfort and stability without weighing you down
  • Dual Wall Cushion - Superior cushion design combines two cushion layers for excellent cushion and comfort
  • 3 Different Sizes - Comes in Small, Medium, Large
  • Swing Seal Technique - Swing and seal, simple steps for an easy fit

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