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Reusable Underpad

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Product description

Protect and lengthen the life of your bedding and mattress while saving money with these reusable Bed Pads! Look after yourself with these high quality bed pads which are constructed for the healthcare industry using a durable vinyl knit backing or waterproof barrier providing protection to the bedding and mattress. The soaker (10 ounce absorbing material) is made to be ultra absorbent for superior protection, holding the moisture away from your skin and is topped with a 50/50 cotton poly twill for longer life cycles. The top face twill and soaker are sewn together with a diamond pattern for durability and then securely stitched to the perimeter of the backing. This construction pattern is designed with industry leading techniques to save you money by bringing longer life cycles and standing up to hundreds of washings. Why use Reusable Bed Pads? Cloth bed pad or underpads provide extra comfort and protection with the 50/50 cotton poly twill and are earth friendly being much easier on the environment with the long life cycles of reusables over disposables.

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