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Product description

A Versatile Exercise Tool

Based on 7 years of clinical research and innovation, the TheraBand CLX combines versatility, evidence, speed, and inspiration into one pocket-sized product. This patented exercise tool links a continuous series of resistive loops, creating an ultra-portable, intuitive tool that can quickly be adjusted to perform a seemingly endless array of exercises.

CLX adds simplicity of design and ease of use to create pure exercise magic. The simple consecutive loops enable a range of new benefits never before experienced with traditional resistance bands.

  • New, high impact, full body exercises connecting upper and lower body like never before
  • Easy resistance changes by simply moving one loop up or down the chain
  • Easily anchors and un-anchors to anything
  • Built in grip options

Effective Exercise Tool Backed By Research

In the analysis of 12 different studies, TheraBand CLX was found to have:

– The same strength curve, muscle activation, and perceived exertion as dumbbells

– The same strength curve as traditional isotonic resistance

– A better strength curve than the pulley

– The same muscle activation and increase in strength as barbells

– The same strength gain, same or better muscle activation, and same physiological response as the weight machine, but with more versatility

Professional Approved

This is “the next big thing” according to people who know like internationally renowned sports physical therapist Kevin Wilk. Wilk endorses TheraBand CLX because it opens new doors for his patients. Whether you want better recovery and rehabilitation or more effective workouts in the gym, at home, or on the road, we invite you to get your first TheraBand CLX and get healthier, stronger, and better!

Research-Proven Benefits

Effective Alternative to Weight Training

A research study proved that elastic resistance, such as the CLX, is an equivalent alternative to weight training and is shown to be as effective at a fraction of the cost. The benefits of portability, weight, size, and cost of elastic resistance over dumbbells and other weights are unquestioned. Research studies indicate that pushups done with resistance bands are actually equivalent to the gold standard bench press.

User Preferred

In a comprehensive study, users sampled preferred CLX by 96% over traditional resistance bands. CLX also offers seven resistance levels from beginner to elite, as well as the ability to create easier resistance changes simply by moving loops.

Convenient Exercise App

Available for download at the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), the TheraBand CLX app features an easy-to-navigate interface with video instructions for various exercises that can be conducted at home or on the go, with images, tips, and video tutorials. This app is designed to enhance and inspire creativity in your CLX experience, allowing you to personalize your workout.

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